Paffoni Rubinetterie S.p.A

Roberto Paffoni founded the PAFFONI Company and began sanitary brassware production.

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  • Since 1953 the company philosophy is always the same: to design, produce, test, certify, deliver quickly and take care of every detail of production, to guarantee the utmost satisfaction of its customers.

  • An annual production of well over one million pieces with over 180 employees.

  • An activity aimed at the most important export markets.

  • An annual  turnover, that  in recent years has reached 50 million €.

  • The production cycle is carried out inside our factory in all its stages, thanks to heavy investments in recent years have allowed us to create a company with modern equipments, for a total of over 20,000 square meters.

  • Here are the success factors that testify to the successful positioning, that RUBINETTERIA PAFFONI has reached on the market for sanitary fittings,  thanks to the extraordinary competitiveness, ranking among the top Italian fittings producers.

  • The processing full cycle can then be developed with full efficiency and in compliance with environmental and safety issues.
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  • A rational investment policy in research, design and technology, use of the finest products and computerized controls in all stages of production have made possible the attainment of a high quality lens, reaching a very attractive ratio quality/price for its clients operating both in Italy and abroad.

  • All items are directly designed by our internal technical equipe, and in close collaboration with management and in accordance with the major regulatory requirements, creating high value-style forms that can meet different market needs.

  • Style and design are the cornerstones of the company, highlighted by the ongoing search for new and modern lines, but never exceed, creating trends, yet functional, while striking the right balance between aesthetics, technology, practicality, prerogative undisputed in the Paffoni  production.