Certifications obtained by Paffoni



Our story begins in 1953, when Mr. Roberto Paffoni decides to believe in his work and founds his Factory, a small individual company simply called “ROBERTO PAFFONI.”

Today in 2013 Ugo Paffoni, son of Mr. Roberto and current President of the Company, celebrates together with his daughters Francesca and Daniela, his wife Paola and his whole staff the 60th anniversary of the foundation of RUBINETTERIA PAFFONI SPA.

The celebrations become even more important thanks to the COMPANY TO WATCH 2013 award for the domestic brassware fittings sector, given to our Company by DataBank – Cerved Group.

The Databank - Cerved Group is a leading company in the Business Information and economic - sectional analysis. Every year, they independently analyze the financial balances of several Italian Companies, framing for each baseline sector the Companies that have reached the best results in terms of:

  • Ssales performance above the sectional average;
  • Good level of EBITDA / Revenues;
  • Consolidation of a leadership position in its sector;
  • Business model coherent with the evolution of its area;
  • Competitive advantage on the main critical success factors of the specialization area;
  • Implementation of specific strategies of product or process innovation, proved successful or distinctive with respect to the degree of sector-specific innovation.

Company to Watch award results from the integration and correlation of these factors.

Specifically, after having carefully analyzed our financial balances and our manufacturing and commercial operations, Databank has recognized to RUBINETTERIA PAFFONI SPA the following distinguishing factors of success:

  • Monitoring of foreign markets to identify the areas that may offer the greatest potential;
  • Production entirely made in Italy;
  • Garrison and protection of the middle and the high-end market with dedicated brands;
  • Diversification of production in both areas of the business sect or.

The recognition by Databank of our quality of Italian producers is for us a source of great pride: the Italian handicraft and industrial production must be defended and promoted as a trump card in way to excel Italian products in the international business competition.

Our company is headquartered in Pogno for 60 years: in sharp contrast with some of our competitors, who have relocated part of their production to low-cost countries, we have continued to work as we had always done, and today the high quality of our production is guaranteed by the professionalism of the local specialized workforce, main strategic key to enhance and grow our Italian knowhow.

This award is therefore an important confirmation of the engagement that every day is invested by us and our 200 employees to make a product with an optimal quality-price ratio and to ensure a rapid delivery service, but it also represents a thanksgiving to all those who, in recent years, have believed in us and in our products.

Ugo Paffoni