By placing the order the customer agrees fully and implicitly all of our conditions of sale and delivery of the underlying .

The prices of our price lists are subject to change and are not binding. Each order will be considered valid in any case given only if accepted by us average order confirmation.

2 ) PAYMENT - Payment terms specified in the invoice are mandatory : each variation, which has not been previously and expressly agreed upon will be rejected. They are liberators only invoice payments made ​​to our home in Pogno , unless special arrangements of payments to an end. The delayed payment of supplies will give rise to bank interest . Upon the occurrence of non-payment within the agreed terms it is our right to suspend deliveries and any orders already accepted. It should be noted that no payment may be deferred in case of dispute .

3 ) DELIVERY TERMS - The delivery times are approximate and not binding since they are bound by the possibilities of the moment . Failure on our part of the delivery is due to shortages of raw materials , machinery Averie , strike, lockout , epidemic, interruption or delay in transportation .